Dreamers and Doers: How Social Media Can Help to Recruit Both


“At the end of the day you bet on people, not on strategies.” This popular quote from Lawrence Bossidy, a former executive with General Electric, is good advice today for any manager. A clear strategic plan will keep your company on track, but it’s the people you hire and the team you build that will propel your company forward. Moreover, today’s digital economy makes it easier than ever to discover new talent, particularly if you’re searching for what every company needs–a healthy balance of dreamers and doers. After all, while it’s beneficial to have people on your team who think big, you also need those individuals who can execute. Few people can do both, and even fewer can do both well.

“The key is to not become a dreamer-heavy company because in doing so, nothing gets done, and the company simply ends up stockpiled with a number of frustrated dreamers,” says Joshua Karam, founder and director of Synchronize, an HR services firm. “The most successful companies are built on the backs of doers, so the best way to achieve balance and success is to insert a dreamer into each business process. Doing so will create real results by providing the group of doers with vision and momentum, two traits that can be hard to come by.”

Getting professional HR help to find dreamers and doers can be beneficial, but is not always an option for many companies. If the recruitment task falls on your lap, social media can be an invaluable tool–when used properly.

“By searching blogs, articles, and social media activity, companies can gain insights into the applicant beyond the resume or job interview, says Karam. “However, by using social media sites as part of their applicant selection process, companies could be putting themselves at risk of discrimination by discovering information that should not be factored into the hiring decision such as age, religion, and medical conditions. In today’s work environment, there is no doubt that making a wrong hiring decision can haunt a company, their employees, and their client base.”

Keeping these words of caution in mind, here are a few digital recruitment tips.

1. Make Your Website Shine

The first step in hiring the right people is to make the right impression. This means creating an online presence that is attractive to the type of people you want to employ. If your digital persona lacks personality and a clear vision for the future, don’t expect to easily entice a dreamer. If your site is out of date and its design is behind the times, it might make for a hard sale to a doer.

2. Recruit from the Inside-out

If you have a strong team of dreamers and doers in place, make it clear to them that you’re looking for others with the same qualities. Communicate what you want in a potential candidate and provide recommendations about how they can help with the search. Share details about the job posting and how it should be publicized on social media services, such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. Providing these guidelines will ensure that the information is distributed accurately and effectively among your team’s peer groups.

3. Use Online Recruitment Tools

While Twitter and Facebook are essential for sharing job postings, LinkedIn is just one example of a must-have service to discover great people. LinkedIn has a number of paid talent finder plans that offer up essential recruitment features, ranging from $40.95/month to $499.95/month. These plans include the ability to find full-profile data for anyone in your network and additional information about 3rd degree connections and groups. You will also have access to premium search results, so you can target precise candidate skills and traits.

Good people will make all the difference to your company’s bottom line, and will require both dreamers and doers. Taking the right social media approach to seek them out can be an inexpensive way to build your team and find that perfect balance.

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Article Posted: June 13, 2013
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