Watch your organization excel through your people with the help of our original and personalized leadership development solutions, training facilitation support and dynamic keynote speakers.
InSync Team Building™
Our original and intriguing InSync Team Building™ exercises provide participants with an exciting and memorable learning experience that is sure to exceed any and all expectations!

  • Vantage Point™
  • This engaging and fast-paced group problem solving exercise elevates team performance by highlighting the value of strong leadership, positive communication and the importance of understanding the perspective of others. Group Size: 20 – 70 participants
  • Navigate™
  • There is no better team building exercise to capture the attention and intrigue of participants! With Navigate™, the unimaginable is discovered and achieved as the power of communication, cooperation and teamwork collide inside the branching passages of a complex and puzzling maze. Group Size: 10 – 25 participants
  • Elevation™
  • What direction is your organization heading and how do you plan to get there? This is the process of strategic planning and it is vital to any organization’s long-term success. With Elevation™, leadership talents are honed as participants make coordinated and systematic decisions on a course of action and resource allocation to pursue their team strategy. Group Size: 20 – 250 participants

Leadership Development

Elevating performance through people is at the heart of what we. Whether your plan is for a one-day power session or an extended off-site retreat, your leaders will be exposed to a remarkable and personalized experience that will transform behaviours, bring teams together and instill a strategic mindset for all involved.

Training Facilitation

No matter the audience size, utilize the experienced expert facilitators of Synchronize to adopt your brand identity and train your associates and leaders on you latest organizational initiative.

Executive Coaching

The Executive Coaches of Synchronize thrive on facilitating professional and personal transformation. Our coaching helps individuals and teams overcome obstacles, achieve goals and perform at their best by embracing the power of consciously choosing the necessary behaviours to do so.

Keynote Speakers

Book one of our dynamic Synchronize speakers for your next event and watch your team reach new levels of success. We take great pride in having energy-inducing speakers motivate, engage and inspire their audience by discussing today’s most popular topics, including:

  • Lessons in Social Media
  • From Good to Great: Elevating Your Employment Brand
  • The Performance Leader in You
  • Embracing Social and Emotional Intelligence
  • The Disciplines of Executing Flawlessly
  • The Power of Teamwork, Communication and Collaboration

Planning an event? Contact us to discover the right speaker for the right topic at the right price.

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